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UIL Physical Information Requirements for the 2020-2021 Season


BBJH Boy's Athletics | 5/22/2020

Links for the required paper work are attached below the article.

EVERY student must fill out a new medical history form this year. If the individual was involved in MISD athletics or activities last year and has a physical currently on file then they may reuse that physical form for this upcoming school year. If they have answered YES to ANY of the first 6 questions on the medical history form then they must get a release form. This may either be a note from the doctor saying they are cleared or a brand new physical.

If they are brand new to MISD athletics/activities, then they will need to have a physical completed. If they are transferring in and have a physical from another school district they may use that one.

BOTH parent and student will need to verify that all of the forms from last year are still correct on the website. (Emergency information, MISD policies, OTC drugs, & UIL policies).

For those needing a physical we have called around to some of the Urgent Care clinics in our area as far as pricing.
America's ER-$35 with EKG
Care Now- $20
Redi Clinic- $69 with a $10 coupon
Davum- $30
Medella- $25

MISD Physical & Athletic Forms ’20-21 School Year ONLYStudents required to obtain a new Physical:
Students new to athletics/UIL activities

All incoming 7th graders Any “yes” answers to any questions 1-6 on the Medical History (per UIL rules)
Students new to district (it can be from previous school; we just need a copy on file) New students to MISD/UIL/Athletics: BOTH parent/guardian & student must go to and BOTH create an account. Follow the yellow “guide me” to link the parent & student accounts .You must complete all the Pre-Participation Forms Please follow the yellow “guide me” icon to ensure everything is complete
Must provide a recent copy of Physical: dated on or after 4/1/19 Upload a digital copy to PlanetHS account

Current MISD Athletes: Both parent/guardian & student need to log into PlanetHS (same as arbiter) accounts and RE-SIGN all the Pre-Participation Forms
Be sure to follow the yellow “guide me” icons to ensure everything is complete

Incoming freshman- be sure to change your school from BBJH to MHS!!

PER UIL RULES: if you have answered “no” to all Medical History questions 1-6, you may
re-use your physical from the ’19-20 school year (dated on or after 4/1/19)
These rules will only pertain to the ’20-21 school year due to COVID-19 It will be up to the discretion of MISD Athletics to confirm the validity of this physical. The Athletic Trainers will be “confirming” each student’s Medical History and Physicals.

**Once all 6 forms have a green “approved” sign next to them- you are cleared to begin
physical activity for the ’20-21 school year
**You ALWAYS have access to all these forms online you can print them from the PlanetHS whenever you may need them
**Please use your LEGAL NAME and student ID when filling out the forms

For more information regarding this upcoming school year rules and regulations for
Pre-Participation Forms and Physicals you can visit the UIL website: