Bear Branch Junior High School Athletics

BBJH Parent Meting

Date: Wednesday August 22,2018

Where: 8th wood floor gym

Time: 5:15PM

BBJH football parent meeting will be (Wednesday  August 22). We will hold the meeting in the 8th wood floor gym. The meeting will start at exactly 5:15. Please attend if you can all important  information will be handed out and talked about at this meeting.

BBJH Football Practice Schedule: 

7th: 1:40-3:30 (MTWTHF) 

8th: 3:30- 4:45 (MTWTHF)

Please have your 7th grade athletes picked up by 4:00.

Please have your 8th grade athletes picked up by 5:00.

Back To School Night (August 13, 2018) 

All in coming 7th graders and 8th graders will pick up their football equipment on this day. August 13th at back to school night. 

Times for pick up 
8th graders 3:30-5:30 PM 
7th Graders 5:30-7:30 PM 

We will issue all equipment and lockers that day. Please have everything you need for athletics at that time. Also, all online physical paper work needs to be complete on the arbiter website. If you have not completed the paper work online OR created an arbiter account please do so. We would like the process to move smoothly with no hiccups. 

{REMEMBER} your child must have all current paper work completed and cleared before they will be able to participate.